Divorce Is Devastating

Perhaps the documentary described in this article will help people to better understand just how awful divorce is, and that it does not deserve to be called a solution.

What divorce really does to children – in their own shattering words: If you’re divorced, or thinking about it, their testimony will shake you to the core | Mail Online.

How often have we heard “It’s better for the children that we divorce than that we continue to argue in front of them” – as if those were the only two possible courses of action?

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  1. As for any relationship between human beings here on earth – there is nothing unbreakable because of our extremely sensitive feelings…

    Indeed, the world is not so difficult, however, man is difficult. Due to our selfishness and blindness that runs in the blood until we are set free by grace through our Lord’s precious blood, all relational systems are prone to crisis, failure, and stress.

    No matter whatever might have happened before, our Lord still offers salvation, that is, a fresh start even of a new life out of all debts, failures or fears. Although we cannot change our past, Christ wants to give us a foretaste of our eternal and happy future only He can provide.

    Any human being that is used to feel God’s peace in his heart more frequently, will no longer bank on getting divorced of his own accord. And any child that has deeply suffered from its parents’ divorce will some day be able to understand and forgive because of God’s power that enables him or her to do so.

    With Christ everything will be alright in your life. He will finally take the weight of a lonely world off your shoulders (in case all your faith and strength is gone). And you will see that He will be the only One who can set you free completely… 😉

    “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (Jn 8:36)

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