Why Do I Write These Blogs?

The following exchange took place here.


Why is this a place for non-church goers and that be a positive thing to propose others to do trying to follow Christ? Im probably missing your point even though I find lots of interesting things in the blog. Now Im a church leader and a teacher and would like to know the purpose of your message. What is your take on reach out or evangelism? Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19-20…. Jesus words….

Mike Gantt:

The purpose of my blogs is to make known important truths that have been hidden from us (e.g. everyone is going to heaven, the Second Coming of Christ occurred long ago, the kingdom of God has replaced the church), while at the same time reinforcing truths which are known to us but which have not been sufficiently heeded (e.g. Jesus is Lord, the Bible is the word of God).

Most of what is called evangelism today can best be described as a fulfillment of Matthew 23:15. Christians are crying for the world to repent while God is calling Christians to repent. I was a pastor and sought to grow my church. My blogs are part of my repentance; they seek to grow His church.

I should add that God’s omniscience and omnipresence should be added to the list of ideas that are commonly accepted among believers but that we don’t seem to take seriously.

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