Financing Ministry

The blog post linked below presents a well-argued case by Lydia McGrew for the self-financing of Christian ministry where possible.

In this post, Wintery Knight gives links similar counsel from Christian apologist J. Warner (Jim) Wallace.

Wintery Knight also provides links to some of his own thoughts on this subject.

All three of these voices are consistent in the advice that they give.

Likewise, I myself neither solicit nor accept donations.  Nevertheless, I encourage you, when you are willing and able, to donate to others who are preaching the true gospel of Jesu Christ so that they may not be distracted in their work for the Lord.  This, too, seems consistent with the counself from the three folks listed above.  Just remember not to do anything under compulsion “for the Lord loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7).

In short, there are two directions the Lord would have us give money and other resources if we want to give to Him:  to the poor and to the proclaimers of Jesus Christ.

Lydia McGrew: we need an army of tentmakers | Wintery Knight.

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