Adding Twitter to My Blogging

I’ve been blogging for four years, having begun the first blog in December 2009.  I don’t recall when I first began thinking about Twitter, but early on I learned that it was based on a concept of “followers” and for this reason I rejected it.  In fact, I’ve even written at least in once place on my blog that I did not want to be on Twitter because I don’t want followers.  Instead, I want to make followers for Christ.

In recent months, I have had more exposure to Twitter.  While still struggling with the “follower” concept, I began to see some potential advantages of adding Twitter and making it part of my blogging work:

  1. A lot of the content that I re-publish on this Current Events blog looks like it could be re-published more easily on Twitter.
  2. Twitter, since I began to see it as a broadcast platform, offers much more content for me to re-publish.  That is, I can survey more resources in less time using it than in scanning blogs with a browser.
  3. I reflected on how dependent I am on getting constant reinforcement to my faith (by reading and studying the Bible every day), so how can I expect those I’m trying to teaching through my blogs to practice faith without it?  Twitter would be a way to feed them additional scriptures and other encouragement through the day in addition to the resource content I re-publish to them.  That is, I can publish 140-character encouragements to follow Him at various points in a day.

So, to sum up, I came to see my resistance to “followers” was a well-intentioned but impractical position to maintain.  I want the message about Jesus Christ to be heard.  Therefore, if you look to the right you will see recent tweets and, for those of you who use Twitter, you will see how to connect with me on it.

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