Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with Ben Stein (full movie) – YouTube

I’m not a fan of modern documentaries because of their generally forceful and polemic nature.  This one is no exception.  However, it does bring to light the strange double-standard that seems to exist in the academic community regarding science and the study of origins.

Here’s how the double-standard works:  if you’re a scientist and believe in evolution, no problem.  However, if you’re a scientist and have some concerns about Darwinian or Neo-Darwian theory, then you’re probably not a scientist.  Instead, you’re probably a religious person trying to impair science by the practice of your religion.  It’s a bizarre notion, but there it is and this movie exposes it.

The word “intelligence” in the title is an allusion to “Intelligent Design” – a scientific theory that seeks to plug some of the holes it sees in evolutionary theory.

I’m sure that there there are more things that need to be said for the evolutionary side to balance out this narrative (though indeed both sides were interviewed).  And I’m also sure I could have done without some of the histrionics herein.  However, I’ve experienced enough with academics and evolutionists to know that the dynamic described in this documentary is all too real.  Ben Stein knows that, too, and that explains his involvement.

By the way, one of the scientists interviewed is Stephen C. Meyer.  If you want to see more of him check this post which includes an extended interview with him.  He’s highly intelligent and highly articulate.  Even though I’m not at all science-oriented, I enjoyed hearing him speak.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (full movie) – YouTube.

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