Gary Habermas’ “Minimal Facts” Approach by Matt Rodgers

Matt begins:

Note: This article is inspired by a lecture given by Dr. Gary Habermas at the 2012 EPS Apologetics Conference. Dr. Habermas is a historian and philosopher, and is one of the world’s leading experts on the resurrection.

When presenting a historical case for the resurrection of Christ, it is often useful to build an argument using only the “minimal facts” accepted by mainstream secular critics. This entails setting aside any book of the New Testament that is NOT currently regarded by critical scholars as being authoritative.

At the end, Matt includes a link to more arguments for the resurrection offered by William Lane Craig in a debate he had with skeptical Bible scholar Bart Ehrman.  Of course, the evidence and arguments for the resurrection of Christ are quite strong.  This article and the link just give glimpses of the substance that’s there.

via Evidence for the Resurrection: The “Minimal Facts” Approach.

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