The global war on Christians by Gene Veith

Gene begins:

Religion journalist John Allen has written a book entitled The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution.  The Washington Post has an interesting interview with him about the phenomenon.  Read excerpts after the jump.

From the Washington Post:

Q: Why did you do this book?A: For my beat, I travel with popes. Anytime we’d go outside the West, I’d always bump into victims of Christian persecution. At first, I thought this was tragic but kind of rare. My idea of suffering was eating fish sticks on Friday. But then I realized: These are not outlier cases; this is a pattern. Why didn’t I know that?Why is this happening?The narrative about Christianity is that it’s this big, rich, politically wired institution that controls a lot of stuff. And that’s been our experience in the United States. But it doesn’t do justice to the rest of the world. There are 2.3 billion Christians, two-thirds of whom live in the Southern Hemisphere. . . . Most are poor, most are ethnic and linguistic minorities. And also those local Christian populations are good targets for people mad at the West. It’s hard to storm the U.S. Consulate; it’s easy to storm the people down the block. The typical Christian in the world isn’t a middle-class white guy. It’s an impoverished mother of five in the Congo who is at extra risk.What are the contemporary features of this? Did something specific change?

Read the full article at The global war on Christians.

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