What If the Bible Has Errors? by Daniel Carrington

Daniel Carrington makes a good point in his article.  I myself am happy to tell you that you can come to faith in Jesus Christ without first believing that the Bible is the word of God.  Just read the Bible as reliable facsimiles of ancient documents.  They’re pretty convincing on that basis alone.

What If the Bible Has Errors? at The Poached Egg (Ratio Christi).


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  1. Jesus’ Apostles did not write the Gospels. “… It thus appears that the titles of the Gospels are not traceable to the Evangelists themselves.” ~New Advent Encyclopedia aka Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. VI, 655-656. cf. Acts 4:13.
    “The Gospels are so anonymous that their titles, all 2nd century guesses, are all four wrong.” ~Randel McCraw Helms, Who Wrote the Gospels?
    “Although ancient traditions attributed to the Apostle John the Fourth Gospel, the Book of Revelation, and the three Epistles of John, modern scholars believe that he wrote none of them.” ~Harris, Stephen L., Understanding the Bible, Palo Alto: Mayfield, 1985, p. 355.
    On the Gospel of John, “The Apostolic origin of the book, however, is contested by a large body of modern scholars whose position vary from a complete rejection of both its authenticity and its historicity to the admission of Apostolic inspiration and a certain historical value. The unity of the book has been disputed esp. by German scholars, e.g. J. Wellhausen, R. Bultmann. Where its unity is admitted, its attribution to John the Presbyter is favored.” ~The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, John The Apostle, 1974, pg. 743.

    John’s Gospel: “The picture which emerges (according to these critics) is that of a profound logical treatise, composed late in the first or more probably early in the 2nd century, by some unknown author who had a thesis to propound, and did so under the (now established) literary form of a “Gospel.” ~Knox, New Testament Commentary.
    “Regardless of who wrote the Gospels we find in the Holy Bible, there are contradictions and inconsistencies found in them.” ~New Testament Contradictions.

  2. These pronouncements against the reliability of the names assigned to various New Testament books that you quote may sound authoritiative but are actually naive and ill-informed. The authorship attributions of the New Testament books are more reliable than the authorship attributions of any other ancient writings – religious or secular. I deal with this at length in my book The New Testament From a Distance which you can find here.

    You can be sure that the New Testament is what it presents itself to be.

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