A Search Engine Tuned for Christian Apologetics Web Sites – created by Carson Weitnauer ‏

Christian Apologetics is, of course, the study of that which supports faith in Christ.  Carson Weitnauer, the U.S. Director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, started and manages the Reasons for God web site.  He has tuned Google search for apologetics web sites.

This tuned Google search will allow you to search on “the resurrection of Christ” or “the reliability of the New Testament” or “how did the apostles die?”  or any other aspect of Jesus Christ that you would like to research.  The benefit of a tuned search function like this is that it will return sites that are most relevant to your interests, culling out extraneous and sponsored links.

Here’s Carson’s “apologetics search function” at Reasons for God.  Try it out!

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