The World Is Focused on Trivialities While Its Major Problems Are Ignored

I’ve had occasion to hear more “news” than usual over the last week.  And this exposure has involved the major news sources in the U.S.  By far, the most news for the first three days was about one of our state’s governor’s staff causing a traffic jam in the jurisdicition of a political opponent.  Since then the primary news has been about an awards show for makers of movies and television.  Thus these two stories have dominated U.S. news outlets for the past week.

Meanwhile, the U.S. suffers very difficult problems, including its gargantuan and rising debt which on its current course will surely bankrupt the country and make life miserable for its citizens.  How good a shape can a nation be in when it focuses its attention on trivial things and leaves unattended those things that really matter?

Those of you who know Christ, let us repent before Him and seek His mercy.  Without that mercy, very difficult times are coming.

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