Drew has it right about Christians and Wikipedia – Wintery Knight

Believers in Christ show have no hesitation about becoming involved in the editing processes of Wikipedia.  Without that involvement, Wikipedia’s biases against the cause of Christ will only become more pronounced.

See this post, which explains who Drew is and why his opinion matters:  Guerilla skepticism on Wikipedia: how should Christians and conservatives respond? | Wintery Knight.

I wrote this comment on Wintery Knight’s blog.  (He moderates his comments so I don’t know when or if mine might show up there):

Drew is right!

If Christians take a hands-off attitude toward Wikipedia it will become even more biased against Christ, and those who refer to it will be deprived of the salt and light that is the truth.

Think of the efforts Drew is encouraging as an “anti-defamation league.” Anti-Semitism would go unchecked in this world without them. Likewise, anti-Christianity needs to be checked.

Efforts toward this end can be both organized and individual. It’s the individual, “un-branded” efforts, however, that will do the most good. This is because any success by Christian organizations will be highlighted in the news media. This is because when skeptics do it, the mainstream media doesn’t care, but when Christians do it all the hounds will be let loose on “the violation of church and state,” etc.

Drew is not only right, the consequences of ignoring him are greater darkness in this world. Satan wants Christians retreated from the world and huddling with each other. Christ wants His people being salt and light in every corner of this earth.

Call them “Drew’s Army” and unleash them!

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  1. Amen, Mike.
    True brothers and sisters are rarely to find although they exist (thanks be to God! 🙂 ).

    I am just telling you that we have the same mind…

    Until then,
    Suzanne 😉

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