Is homosexuality a better or worse sin than other sins?

It is above my pay grade to rank the sinfulness of homosexuality vis-a-vis other sins.  It’s enough for me that it is a sin of sexual immorality, which I know is wrong before the Lord.  Some people, even if they think homosexuality is wrong, seem to want to give homosexuals a coddling they probably would not offer to any other class of sinners.  I think this owes to the political clout attained by the homosexual lobby (also known as “the LGBT community”).

What follows is a comment I wrote in this regard on a post of Kevin De Young’s blog.


On the one hand, your statement should go without saying. We should always conduct ourselves in the fear of the Lord and never look down on our fellow human beings, for we, like they, are sinners before God.

On the other hand, I wonder if you would have written such a comment had the subject of the discussion been, rather than homosexuals, say,

the unrighteous




the effeminate


the covetous




those who are lawless and rebellious

the ungodly and sinners

the unholy and profane

those who kill their fathers or mothers


immoral men




whatever else is contrary to sound teaching

For homosexuals are found in lists with all these others sins in 1 Cor 6:9-10 and 1 Tim 1:9-10 (NASB).

If homosexuality is not a sin, then we need to seek forgiveness for our homophobia. If homosexuality is a sin, however, then we should not give special status to those who commit it unless we’re prepared to give the same status to all the other kinds of sinners mentioned in the same lists.

You can see this comment in context here:  Christians, Don’t Give Up on the Homosexuality Debate – Kevin DeYoung.

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