An Update on the State of Marriage in America

There are some interesting statistics in this blog post from Joe Carter titled”9 Things You Should Know About Marriage in America,” including this sobering tidbit:

The average age for childbearing is now younger than the average age for marriage.

That said, such surveys don’t always include factors you’d like to see measured, and sometimes they include factors and measurements you think are irrelevant.

The news here is not all bad by any means.  Nevertheless, the statement that saddened me most was this:

The presence of children in America has declined significantly since 1960, as measured by fertility rates and the percentage of households with children. Other indicators suggest that this decline has reduced the child-centeredness of our nation and contributed to the weakening of the institution of marriage.

It’s a 3 min read.

9 Things You Should Know About Marriage in America – The Gospel Coalition Blog.

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