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— The Other Shoe Drops in Kentucky: Federal Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in the Commonwealth – a 2/12/14 post by Al Mohler (5 min read).  Mohler explains how this court decision is a direct consequence of last year’s Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act.  He goes on to explain why we are now quickly headed toward the redefinition of marriage throughout the United States.  A sobering post.   (By the way, here’s a 6/14/13 Pew Research report on global attitudes toward homosexuality.)

— Tebow vs. Sam: A Tale of Two Draft Picks – a 2/11/14 article by Matthew Philbin (4 min read).  Philbin contrasts the recent media treatment of athlete Michael Sam with that of Christian Tim Tebow.  The media has glorified Sam for “coming out” while it chided Tebow for wearing his faith on his sleeve.

— Who’s Waiting for Your Kids? – a 10/25/12 invitation to a conference by Brett Kunkle (4 min read).  I pass on this otherwise out-of-date conference invitation because it gives a description of just how hostile current college environments are to faith.  If young people are going to be strong in such environments it will be because they have strong individual faith in God, independent from their parents.  Just sending your child to Sunday School and youth group is not going to help in today’s college environment.  HT The Poached Egg (Ratio Christi)

Alas, the culture wars are not going well for believers.  Strengthen yourself in Christ and live strong for Him so that you can be salt and light in this world!

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