Reading the Fine Print on Marriage Statistics

The Christian Post reports:

According to a study about to be published in the American Journal of Sociology, being conservative Protestant, i.e., an evangelical, is not helpful when it comes to staying married. In fact, the authors conclude, “divorce is higher among religiously conservative Protestants-and even drives up divorce rates for other people living around them.”

Therefore, people who trust Christ should stop having hope for their marriage?  Not so fast.  Turns out the study obscures some important factors.  Here’s how the Christian Post corrects the false impression given by the study:

Whereas a nominal Protestant is much more likely to be divorced than the average American, an active conservative Protestant is 35 percent less likely! A similar difference can be found among nominal vs. practicing and active Catholics.We should be troubled about the prevalence of divorce in the Bible Belt, no doubt. But the proper response is to turn nominal Christians into committed ones, not to deny or disparage the role of faith in family stability.

In the world today there is a constant bias against Christ and His ways.  We should be on guard against headlines and news stories which seems to suggest that truth faith in Christ doesn’t lead to true righteousness.

The 2 min read can be found here: Conservative Christianity Hurts Marriage?.

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