The News Media Is AWOL on Issues of Truth

Denny Burk says:

The media’s reporting on the Arizona bill regarding religious freedom has been nothing short of Orwellian. As I wrote yesterday, the debate about the bill has been far more depressing than the actual defeat of the bill.

Of course, we’re talking about bakers, photographers, and florists – small business people who lack the power of corporate executives or the cachet of celebrities.  Why should the media care about their fate?  Most of them live in fly-over country anyway.

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By the way, Denny links to Mollie Hemingway who has compiled a more comprehesive report on the media’s mis-steps.  The stock self-perception of professional journalists is that they crusade for the the underdog and speak truth to power.  If they still think this way of themselves, they are completely deluded.

via The media failed us this week | Denny Burk.

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