How in the World Should I Live? (A blog post from A. Maeve McDonald at Faith Actually)

The wife and mother who wrote the blog post linked below shares her journey to biblical thought about how to live for God in this world.  She explains how it’s hard to know how we should live when we look upon the world, and, by contrast, how much more clearly the Bible speaks to this question.

If you ask most people what they want out of life for themselves or their children, the answer comes back in terms of health, happiness, security – on this side of death.  In other words, the answer comes exclusively in terms of an earthly life.  However, the Bible teaches us that we are eternal creatures and that the time we spend on earth is, by comparison with the rest of our lives, quite small.  Jesus’ life would have been considered a failure in earthly terms.  He didn’t get married, didn’t have children, and didn’t achieve financial success.  He didn’t even live a long life.  By all the standard measures of a good life, Jesus failed.  Yet in the light of eternity, Jesus lived the most successful earthly life that has ever been lived.  Because of the way He lived that life, He enjoys peace, happiness, and power for all eternity.

Let us join with this mother in setting our affection on things above, not those that are on earth (Colossians 3:2).  With the way things are going in American culture, the contrast between those who live for Christ and those who do not will become more and more stark.

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Full post:  Faith Actually: How in the World Should I Live?

h/t: The Poached Egg (Ratio Christi)

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