WR002 – Week in Review – for the week ending April 18, 2014

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(Currently, this podcast is only available to hear through a browser or in the smartphone app.  It won’t be available in iTunes as a podcast for a while yet.)

This week’s episode includes some commentary on the celebrations of Easter Week, some thoughts on Al Mohler’s daily podcast, news about two audio books to published soon, a Bible reading tip, an answer to a question about parables, and a reminder of the plight of the poor and persecuted in the world in which we dwell.

My intent is to publish this podcast every week that I can, sometime between noon on Friday and noon on Saturday.  I am trying to consistently date the post for “the week ending Friday…”  My preferred method would be to record and publish on Friday afternoon, but if I don’t make that, it’s likely that the next window I’ll have is just before noon on Saturday.

Lots of people are celebrating Easter this week.  I hope they’re thinking through the historical facts upon which the various feasts or events that are being undertaken.  In any case, I’m always glad when Christ is exalted – even if not always in the fullness of truth (Philippians 1:18).

Al Mohler did his usually great work for the kingdom of God this week in his daily podcast, but I winced at a couple of things.

Politics is not the answer, but Christians cannot shirk the responsibilities of being good citizens.

I should have audio versions of The Biblical Case for Everyone Is Going to Heaven and The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven before the end of this month.  Along with Whatever Became of Jesus Christ?  The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact, this makes audio versions of the three books I wrote 20 years ago all available.

There’s a tip in here for parents who use children’s Bible story books to read Bible stories to their children.

I answer a question about parables and tell how Jesus wants to tell you parables today – and explain them!

Lastly, I mention the poor and persecuted.  I didn’t have any news items, but I always want to call attention to their situation.  God forbid that we should forget them.

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