“I Feel Super Great About Having an Abortion” — The Culture of Death Goes Viral

The following article tells me everything I need to know – and more – about a viral video of a woman having an abortion…happily.  I do not need to watch this video.  I cannot watch this video.  The very thought of watching it is abhorrent to me.  I don’t condemn anyone who watches it; I just can’t watch it myself.

The article states that an organization has given this video…an award!  Just when we think American cultural depravity has reached its limits, those limits are exceeded.

This video and the reaction to it demonstrates the power of human social approval to desensitize and deaden the individual human conscience.  Such human approbation is never completely sufficient to snuff out the voice of God, but it goes a long way toward assisting a person in suppressing that voice.

“If only Adolph Hitler had realized that he could have had the Nazi party produce film of the extermination camps he built for Jews so that he could expunge the guilt that was caused solely by the social pressure coming from people who thought it evil to murder his society’s undesirables.”  Thank God that man had enough guilt over his nefarious activities to hide them.  Today’s exterminators of children have become more brazen than he ever dared.

I do not blame this woman alone for the video she has produced, but the society at large which has not reacted in horror to what she has done…and that has even “awarded” her for her efforts.  God have mercy on us all!

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“I Feel Super Great About Having an Abortion” — The Culture of Death Goes Viral – AlbertMohler.com.

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