“The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven” Audio Book Now Available

The audio version of the book The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven is now accessible on the “Mike Gantt” app.  If you already have the app, just refresh the episode list if its chapter titles are not already showing.  Look for the prefix “TIEGTH” at the beginning of each title and begin with the episode labeled “TIEGTH00” which is the Introduction.  There are 21 chapters following the Introduction.  If you don’t have the app, just go to the app store supported by your mobile device and search on “Mike Gantt.”  As with everything else I provide, there is no cost to you, nor will I seek donations or anything else from you.

You can also listen to this book using your browser, beginning at The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven.  You will find the written text for each chapter beneath the audio player for that chapter.

The total listening time required for this audio version of the book is 3 hours, 41 minutes, and 52 seconds.  Because I hope you are completing the audio book The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven, and that you will also want to listen to this book, I am going to continue holding off on publishing the weekly podcasts Scriptural Christianity and Scriptural Literacy…so that I am not found trying to give you water to drink through a fire hose.  I will, however, continue publishing the Week in Review podcast.  (It’s an audio review of all that I have published on my blogs and other social media during the preceding week.)

Sometime next week, this audio book should show up as a podcast in the iTunes and Stitcher directories.

That everyone is going to heaven is a truth that has important implications.  One of them, which may be counterintuitive for some folks, is that we should repent and live holy lives.  Be sure you understand that everyone is going to heaven, and be sure that you understand all that it implies and all that is required of us.

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