A Society That Supresses the Truth

I continue to be amazed at the degree to which society suppresses facts that don’t support its lusts (Romans 1:18).

In this recent recording from Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute (recorded in Lansing, Michigan May 19, 2014 at a meeting of Catholic Charities’ Board members), she brings to light social studies which reveal the empirical reality of negative consequences associated with contraception, remarriage, and out-of-wedlock cohabitation.

Dr. Morse also points out the falsity and vacuity of the following commonly-accepted ideas:

  • Sex is for recreation and is not inextricably bound up in the idea of producing children.
  • We can remove the gender requirement from marriage without negative consequence.
  • Marriage should be about the feelings of adults rather than the needs of children.

Dr. Morse’s teaching is consistent with the Bible, but she makes her claims based on social science research.  Thus there is plenty of reason here for unbelievers to give attention to her findings.

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