What’s Happening to Christian Youth per Steve Wilkinson at TilledSoil.org

This post is chock-full of important data regarding how children grow up in the faith…or away from it. ┬áThe post summarizes a 55-minute podcast which is well worth hearing if the subject matter of the post interests you.

Since the health of the organized church is irrelevant to a focus on spiritual issues, you have to look past the former in the post and podcast in order to appreciate the latter – but I don’t think you’ll find that difficult to do.

The real point here is how to raise our children to be children of God.

(8 min read; 1,955 words)

TilledSoil.org Church in crisis: a message every Christian needs to hear ┬╗ TilledSoil.org.

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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for helping pass this information along. I really think we all need to hear it as a wake-up call to jump to action in taking responsibility to help raise our children in Christ, and help others in that process as well. While I’m quite thankful for pastors and other church leaders, they can only do so much (and are often demanded to do a zillion other things they maybe shouldn’t be). We can’t just pass our teaching/training responsibility off to them (which is what I think we’ve largely done).
    Blessings, -Steve

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