Should We Pray for Revival? | Desiring God

“Lord, please grant a revival…and let it begin with me.”

The biggest obstacle in the way of revival as sought by individual churches today is that they are not willing to give themselves to it.  That is, they want the wind of the Spirit to blow but they want to be able to capture it in a bottle so that they can manage it for their own numerical growth and well being.  If members of a local church knew that revival would mean the end of church as they know it, would they still pray for it?

If God is going to be in control, it means that we can’t be.

Do you want a revival that changes you…or one that changes everyone but you?

Let us be candles for the Lord…not candlesnuffers.

God is lighting fires among us, but, as self-satisfied believers, we quench them.

Let’s God’s people re-kindle their passion for them.  Then the world will feel the resulting heat and see by the resulting light.

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Should We Pray for Revival? | Desiring God.

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