Does No One Want to Unite the Children with Their Parents?

I do not see anywhere in the tweet or the referenced article anyone expressing an interest in reuniting the children with their parents – nor even anyone expressing a curiosity about precisely how, when, and why the children were separated from their parents for the purpose of escaping violence in their homelands.

Don’t children deserve to be with their parents?  Wouldn’t a true compassion be interested in exploring how to reunite children with parents?

Should we bring the parents here or should we send the children there?

The article made a fleeting reference to mothers of the children being with them.  What percentage of these children are accompanied by their mothers?  Are any fathers present?

How did the children get from their homes to our country?  Who transported them?  Were the parents coerced into letting the children go or did they send the children freely?

Were the children transported for free or was someone paid to transport them?  If paid, who did the paying?  If the parents did, why did they?

Why didn’t the parents come with the children?  Were there any children that the parents didn’t send?  If so, how was the decision made about which ones to keep and which ones to send?

If the children were in danger, aren’t their parents still in danger?

If crime is that bad in these countries, can’t we help the local governments police the lands?  Could we send money, equipment, or personnel?  Should we temporarily occupy these countries until order is restored?  Isn’t keeping families together a worthwhile goal of compassion – or do we think full orphanages is a greater sign of compassion?

This tweet and article seem to reduce the entire issue to this: Compassion means accepting all children into our country without any questions.  Someone or something is breaking up families and I don’t see what’s compassionate about ignoring the cause of the breakup and fostering the separation.

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