Multiple News Outlets Now Reporting of Barbarism by ISIS

While the mainstream media is still slow to report the savagery that is being inflicted on Christians and other minorities in and around Iraq, primarily by the Islamic State (ISIS), more media outlets are beginning to tell the story.

I warn you especially about any of the news reports below that carry pictures.  The photos are very disturbing.  Do not view them unless you have a good reason for doing so and are prepared for the consequences.  In lieu of viewing the photos you can simply assume that any verbal descriptions of the cruelty being inflicted are not exaggerated.

Why is the mainstream media giving so little attention to this story?  When they do report on it, they focus on President Obama and US air strikes.  They are not making known the atrocities described in the reports below.  Are the reports below all bogus?  Has someone concocted an organized scheme to malign the good folks at ISIS?

Will anyone stop ISIS? (CNN)

A Friend Flees the Horror of ISIS (The New Yorker)

‘Dying By the Minute’: Iraqis in America Fear Worst for Family (NBC News)

There is a war against Christians and Jews by Radical Islam (Fox News)

Islamic State Seizes Iraq’s Christian Capital: Qaraqosh (Christianity Today)

Chaldean Christian leader: ISIS ‘Systematically Beheading’ Children in Iraq (The Gospel Herald)

Christian leader: ISIS beheading children (MSN News)

Leader: ISIS is ‘Systematically Beheading Children’ in ‘Christian Genocide’ (CNS News)

Iraq: Hell has broken out here and nobody cares (from Anglican News, WND, and The New American)

WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS (RAW) – ISIS begins killing Christians in Mosul, CHILDREN BEHEADED (Catholic Online)

WARNING GRAPHIC, RAW PHOTOS — ISIS on Christians: ‘There is nothing to give them but the sword’ (Catholic Online)


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