Who Are The Yazidis and Why Is ISIS Attacking Them?

The Middle East is a complicated place with a lot of different countries, ethnicities, religions – and factions of each.  Here is a news report from a couple of days ago which helps unravel one particular thread: the ISIS assault on the Yazidis in Iraq.

As you will read, and as you will see in the video clip, what is happening to the Yazidis is happening to Christians and others as well.  ISIS’s terrorism seems indiscriminately directed toward any people who are not adherents of the ISIS-approved forms of Islam.  At the very least, they are as dangerous and as hostile to peace-loving people as Al-Qaeda.

I continue to be puzzled and frustrated at why American news media is giving so little attention to the various brutal persecutions that are taking place throughout the Middle East.  Yes, this is a report from ABC News but it is buried in a sea of other reports, many frivolous by comparison.  The enormous pain and loss being experienced by various and numerous innocents is receiving no prominence.  Sad.

Who Are The Yazidis and Why Is ISIS Attacking Them? – ABC News.

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