Al Mohler Calls for Selective Empathy in Ferguson

Michael Brown of Ferguson was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.  In his podcast The Briefing on August 12 (his first comment on the subject), Al Mohler called for restraint in judgment since there were insufficient facts available to determine whether Wilson was innocent or guilty with regard to Brown’ death.  In The Briefing for today (August 21), Al Mohler affirmed this position, saying that there still were not enough facts to draw a conclusion about Wilson’s guilt or innocence.  I completely agree with Mohler on this point.

Al’s second point this morning was that as Christians we should have empathy those in Ferguson.  He mentioned specifically the African-American community, his point being that we don’t have to approve of rioting and violence in order to have compassion on people who feel oppressed and deprived in ways that others have not been.  I agree with this point, too.

What struck me about Mohler’s description of those deserving our compassion was the glaring omission of Darren Wilson, his family, and the police.  If Mohler’s first point is true – and I’ve already said that I think it is – then should our compassion be restricted to those who think Wilson is guilty?

Why does Al call for our empathy to be given to some involved in this case and not others?



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