Miscellaneous Notes for August 23, 2014

The New Testament age was a time of transition from the original age to the eternal age.  So much of the New Testament, therefore, is taken up with describing a set of events that were very much in motion.  Though those events have long since been completed, it remains a great work that some will not believe even when it is described to them (Acts 13:41).


The glories of Messiah (1 Peter 1:11) were so great that they eventually included all the glories that had been God’s before (Isaiah 22:24).  This was so the word of Jesus would be fulfilled that the faithful should honor the Son even as they had honored the Father (John 5:23).

For example, God had been Lord of heaven and earth (Luke 10:21), but this role was handed over to the Son (Luke 10:22) once Jesus was raised from the dead (Matthew 28:18) insofar as the church was concerned (Ephesians 1:22).  The rest of humanity was given to Christ in the coming of the kingdom of God, and that’s when He became father of all forever (Isaiah 9:6).



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