Christian Morals in a Free Fall

Christian sexual morals appear to be in full-scale collapse.  The link below takes you to a post from BreakPoint (John Stonestreet).  It’s titled “The Pornification of the Church.”  Here’s the opening excerpt:

In the spring of 2000, Zogby International asked more than a thousand U.S. adults whether they had ever visited a sexually-oriented web site. Only one in five had done so. Among born-again Christians, 18 percent had gone to such sites, just three percentage points less than the general public.

That’s bad enough.  Three percentage points is not a meaningful distinction.  In both cases, it’s one in five.  Born-again Christians behaved as badly as the general population.

Here’s the next paragraph:

Well, fast forward to today. A group called Proven Men Ministries commissioned the Barna Group to examine current pornography use. You might want to sit down for this—Barna found that 64 percent of American men and 20 percent of women view pornography at least monthly. And for Christian men, that number is 55 percent.

Over half of Christian men are viewing pornography!  Oh, wait – monthly!  And yet the news gets even worse.

Fourteen years ago, only one out of every three men had ever gone to a pornography site, but now nearly one-third of men under 30 do so on a daily basis. And if you think it can’t get worse, the survey found that 18 percent of men believe they may be addicted to pornography. That’s more than 20 million men in deep trouble.

Given that the numbers for Christians roughly tracked with the general population in the data covered in the first two excerpts, we can’t expect them to trail far behind these numbers either.

This data tracks with that of a recent study revealing relaxed attitudes among professing Christians regarding all forms of non-marital sex where “gay marriage” is concerned.

Beneath the visible corruption of our culture is a deepening corruption of human thinking.  What sort of children will be raised by these sorts of adults?  What sort of Christian children will be raised by these sorts of Christian adults?

The Lord will forgive and cleanse if we will repent.  Will we?

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The Pornification of the Church.  [Editorial note as of March 3, 2017: Sorry, but it appears that the Colson Center (Breakpoint) is no longer maintaining this page.]  

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