Supreme Court clears way for same-sex couples to say ‘I do.’ – Associated Press

I don’t know what clearer sign we could have that the United States is no longer governed as a democracy.  People in its various states are not allowed to enact laws which run counter to the opinions of the judiciary, as evidenced by this news today.

Everyone knows that the U.S. Constitution says nothing about the definition of marriage being malleable, and yet judges are ruling in favor of those who want a new definition and against those who see no reason to change the one that has existed since before anyone can remember.  How can a right be constitutional if the Constitution says nothing about it?  Maybe viewers of The Daily Show think that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson opined on “marriage equality,” but educated people know better.

The legislative branch of our government has been rendered impotent by the judicial and executive branches.  The judiciary simply declares unconstitutional any laws that it doesn’t like, and the executive branch simply refuses to enforce any laws that it doesn’t like.  When a society cannot have enforced the laws it has enacted by its duly elected representatives, then it’s ridiculous to say that such a society is a democracy.

WASHINGTON: Supreme Court clears way for same-sex couples to say ‘I do.’ | National News | The State.  [Editorial note March 26, 2015: Looks like The State is no longer maintaining this article.  Sorry.]

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