Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Eggs


“Not since the birth control pill has a medical technology had such potential to change family and career planning,” wrote author Emma Rosenblum.

I could not discern anywhere in the article or the two related videos a sense that the practice of freezing eggs might be medically or morally questionable.  There was a moral sensibility in the article, but it was focused on the potential misuse of the benefit by the employer (e.g. encouraging women to postpone child-bearing).  And there was a moral sensibility in the first video, but it was focused on the presumed wisdom that men should not comment on this “women’s issue.”  So it’s not that none of the parties in this news story (whether those reporting or those being reported on) have scruples, it’s just that their scruples involve male-female equality and apparently little else.

This business of freezing eggs raises all sorts of questions that this news story does not address:  What will become of these frozen eggs?  Who will own them if the woman dies or becomes incapacitated?  What laws govern what may be done with them?  What laws govern which sperm might be combined with them?  And that’s just for starters.

This idea of “freezing eggs” reminds me that Jesus said, “What God has joined together, let no man separate” (Matthew 19:6).  Separating the eggs from the woman or the sperm from the man would seem to easily qualify as a violation of this principle.  However, since the church of Jesus Christ has routinely disregarded these words when it comes to divorce, it should not surprise us to see that it doesn’t even enter the minds of worldly folks that “egg freezing” might not be a good idea.

It is futile to expect the world-at-large to take seriously anything that Jesus has said when His own people think of His directions as optional or antiquated.

(5 min read; 1,139 words – with two videos of 1:06 and 2:16 each plus commercials)

Perk Up: Facebook and Apple Now Pay for Women to Freeze Eggs – NBC News.com.

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