Miscellaneous Notes for October 16, 2014

Most preachers would love it if more people were curious about what they preached.  Why then are preachers in Houston, and elsewhere, bothered that the government there wants to subpoena sermons?  Granted, the interest is hostile and not friendly, but a listener is a listener and the truth is the truth…so why not give the government the word of the Lord that they’re asking for and let the chips fall where they may.

Besides, secular society is attempting to redefine freedom of religion as freedom of worship, which in their minds means “you can do whatever you want as long as you keep it in the four walls of your church and don’t talk about it in public.”  Therefore, when ministers say “our sermons are private and privileged and we won’t give them to you,” they are unwittingly agreeing to the restrictions secular society wants to place on them.


 America’s founding fathers wanted freedom of religion.  Today’s secular American society thinks that means freedom from religion.  That’s a big difference.  A big, big difference.



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