Miscellaneous Notes for October 17, 2014

Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Eric Metaxas, and other Christian leaders are continuing to complain about the city of Houston issuing subpoenas for pastors’ sermons.  Don’t they realize that we demand our rights to religious liberty that we are behaving as just another political faction?

Is the city of Houston trampling religious liberties?  Of course, it is.  Is it wrong to do so?  Of course, it is.  But a Christian response is not to demand our rights.  It’s to bear witness to the truth…and bear up under the consequences.

The truth is that sexual promiscuity – which has reached the stage of sexual insanity – is destroying the family, and thereby the culture.  Christian leaders must testify to this reality, no matter how little our fellow citizens want to hear it.  If the only way we can get the word to them is by sending them our sermons, then by all means let’s do so.


 I saw a news story quoting Billy Graham as saying, “America is Just as Wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah Ever Were.”  My heart lept – not because it is true (it certainly is true, but that it’s true makes my heart sink, not leap), but because Billy Graham said it and there are many people who will pay attention to things he says.  Maybe he could wake up a few more people to the terrible track our country is on.

However, in reading the article you realize that Graham said this half a century ago – in a January 7, 1962 radio program, to be specific.  Now, the quote is still valuable, and the cultural decline of the last 50 years suggests that Graham might feel even more strongly about the point today.  However, there is no contemporaneous quote from Graham because he “is 95 and reportedly often bedridden at his home in Montreat, N.C.”  You don’t get to this information until the fifth paragraph in the article.  I feel underwhelmed, and misled by the headline.  Are people this desperate for clicks on the Internet?

Let us not conclude, however, without reaffiming the most important point:  Billy Graham was right when he made the statement in 1962, and he’d be right if he made it again today.  In fact, sad to say, he’d be more right.


Christianity is not “us against the world.”  It’s “us for the world.”  They just don’t know it.




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