William Lane Craig on Those Who Abandon Faith for “Intellectual” Reasons

I firmly believe, and I think the Bizarro-testimonies of those who have lost their faith and apostatized bears out, that moral and spiritual lapses are the principal cause for failure to persevere rather than intellectual doubts. But intellectual doubts become a convenient and self-flattering excuse for spiritual failure because we thereby portray ourselves as such intelligent persons rather than as moral and spiritual failures. —William Lane Craig

via Greg West of The Poached Egg at Ratio Christi:  A convenient and self-flattering excuse.

2 Replies to “William Lane Craig on Those Who Abandon Faith for “Intellectual” Reasons”

  1. I should hope that Mr. Craig does not assume that his “firm belief” is true of every person who has turned from Christianity. Such an assumption is as abhorable as other negative stereotypes of certain races or income levels. It is an insult, and, as one who has left Christianity for reasons other than the effort of following its commands, I take it personally.

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