Relationships in America: A New Study

Like most reports on marriage these days, this one has some bad news.  Nevertheless, Mark Regnerus, associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and senior fellow at the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture (which produced the study), finds positive news in it.

As for me, I just want to comment briefly on two alarming stats that jumped out as I quickly scanned the text.

Americans today consume plenty of pornography: 43 percent of men have in the past week.

What?!  No wonder family life and society in general are deteriorating at such a rapid rate.  No Christian man has any excuse for being a participant in this.  If you can refrain from looking at pornography in front of your mother or your wife, then you have the power to refrain from looking at it in front of your Lord – who sees you at all times and in all places.

Here’s another alarming stat:

Twenty percent of married women, and thirteen percent of married men, report having thought about leaving their spouse within the past year… (from linked portion)

Societal attitudes have come to regard marriage as impermanent.  This encourages troubled spouses to think more about leaving a marriage than about how to fix it.  As if to prove the point, that sentence I quoted above goes on to say:

…(compared to 41 percent of cohabiting women and 26 percent of cohabiting men).

Thus the context of impermanence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Sad.  Conversely, the more convinced you are that  marriage should be lifelong, the more energized you’ll be to improve it when it struggles.  A properly-executed marriage is an untold comfort to the husband and wife alike.

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Good News About Relationships in America: Findings from a New, Large, Nationwide Survey | Public Discourse.

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