Costly beliefs: State squeezes last penny from bakers who defied lesbian-wedding cake order 

Here’s a reminder of the Klein’s case in a nutshell:  Husband-and-wife bakers fined $135,000 by the state of Oregon for the damages caused by their declining to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  Can this be happening in America?

Reverse the facts: let’s say that it was lesbian bakers who declined to bake a cake for a Christian wedding – should such bakers be fined $135,000?

Does the absence of public outrage over this fine mean that most Americans are not aware of the case or that most Americans think the penalty is justified?

By the way, the latest news (and the reason for the article) is that the state of Oregon has seized the Klein’s bank accounts in order to collect the fine.

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Source: Costly beliefs: State squeezes last penny from bakers who defied lesbian-wedding cake order | Fox News

Transgender Fad Rapidly Spreading In Primary Schools, ‘Clusters’ Emerging As Children Copy Friends

How the article begins:

The number of primary school-aged children, some as young as four, beginning to “transition” their gender is rising rapidly in the UK. The popularity of the fad appears to be clustered, with children copying others in the same schools.

Monkey see, monkey do.

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Source: Transgender Fad Rapidly Spreading In Primary Schools, ‘Clusters’ Emerging As Children Copy Friends

Gallup Poll Confirms Americans Losing Religion

Here are four key excerpts:

While three-quarters of Americans still identify themselves as Christians, five percent fewer do so than seven years ago. Virtually the entire drop in Christian affiliation has been made up by growth of the religiously unaffiliated, while the number of those belonging to non-Christian religions has remained substantially unchanged.


This new survey basically corroborates a study conducted earlier this year by the Pew Research Center, which found an alarming dip in American religiosity and a sharp rise among the religiously unaffiliated, or “nones.”


While the most radical change has been in Americans’ positive moral evaluation of polygamy and human cloning, approval of gay and lesbian relations has also soared in the same time period, with an absolute majority of 63% of the population now seeing nothing wrong with this homosexual behavior, as opposed to 40% in 2001—an increase of 23 percent.


Statistics from the Pew Center’s comprehensive 2015 report on religion in America also revealed that most religious “nones” tend to be undereducated, poor, white males, belying the commonly held belief that irreligiosity tends to rise with education and income.

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Source: Gallup Poll Confirms Americans Losing Religion – Breitbart

More on the Museum of the Bible

Here’s more on the Museum of the Bible being built in Washington, D.C., and about which I posted yesterday.

Families have always made trips to Washington in order to learn more about our country and its history.  How wonderful and appropriate that, beginning in 2017, families will be able to learn about the Bible as part of their Washington experience.

This video clip lasts 1:53.

While we are enjoying Christmas, Christians in China are being hounded 

This excerpt reveals why China’s Communist Party is renewing its coercive power against Christians:

Foreign scholars estimate that there are 67 million to 100 million Christians in China — compared with 87 million Communist Party cadres. Yang estimates that China will be home to 250 million Christians by 2030. Evangelical Protestants…are the fastest-growing group.

The least we can do is remember their suffering and thank God for their witness to the truth.

How much worse would China be without the true Christ followers in its midst?  You can find an answer to this question by looking at ISIS.

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Source: Christians in China feel full force of authorities’ repression – The Washington Post

The Jesus Storybook Bible – Videos

Sally Lloyd-Jones is the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  There is a 21-clip video playlist from the DVD that accompanies the book.  This link will take you directly to the first of those 21 videos.

And here’s a single clip of Sally Lloyd-Jones reading the Christmas story from The Jesus Storybook Bible to some children.