While We Were Sleeping, the Creation of Artificial Families Became an Industry

The first article linked below appears with the heading “Health.”  The second, and much shorter, article appears in the same issue of the magazine.  The two articles, presented in a widely-available magazine as news but not controversial, reveal a state of affairs regarding human procreation for which the word “shocking” is probably too mild.

While the news media has been diligent to report on the major battlefields of the modern culture wars – abortion and so-called “same-sex marriage” – even if from a clearly biased point of view, they have been comparatively silent about rapid development of what can rightly be called “the child-creation industry.”  For it is a business whose intention is to render obsolete God’s plan for human procreation.  Therefore, it can also rightly be called “the domestic prostitution industry,” because fathers and mothers are prostituting themselves to create children for other people to raise.

I thought about giving you excerpts but you really have to read it to believe it.  And you have to read it all in context to catch the glib way in which the various procedures and practices are described.  I will quote for you the most stunningly ironic phrase in the whole piece:  “…it is considered unethical for…”  We can only call this “honor among thieves.”

I don’t have to remind you how influential Hollywood is in our culture.  Therefore, these practices are coming to a city near you, if they haven’t already.  In fact, the article itself talks about a St. Louis, Missouri clinic where state-of-the-art procedures are practiced.

Of course, an industry like this is often defended by using rare cases as if they were commonplace – just as has been done in the fight to normalize abortion.  But make no mistake – this is all about buying and selling children.  It is about sacrificing children’s needs at the altar of adult preferences.  It is about thumbing our nose at our Creator and saying we will design life and family the way we want them to be.

If you think abortion is bad for the country (and it is), and you think so-called same-sex marriage is bad for the country (and it is), you will be staggered by how unregulated these “child-creation” activities are.  American courts have bypassed the democratic process on the two major culture war issues, but in this third major issues even the courts themselves have been bypassed.  American society – in its pursuit of pleasure – has spun completely out of control.  Every child deserves to come into the world cared for by the two people whose love created him or her. How far – how very, very far – we have strayed from that.  May we repent, and may God have mercy on us.

Not everything in these two articles is news to me, seeing it all described in one place gives me a sense of just how much progress this industry has made.  And neither the reporter nor the magazine seems aware that there are people who would be absolutely appalled by the ideas being discussed here and the scale of business this has become.  Words fail me, so I will just stop and let you read.

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