What it means to walk with Jesus in this age

At the end of The Truman Show, Truman takes the stage exit of the set in which he’s been living his whole life in order to live in the freedom of the real world. Like that, we leave the “set” of perspectives and expectations that other people have of us in order that we might live in the world of God’s perspective and expectations. We cease living to please those who can only see us outwardly and instead live to please Jesus who sees all our thoughts and motives…and who set an example for us to imitate. It took courage for Truman to leave one world in order to live in the other. Likewise, it takes courage for us to abandon the world of human approval for a world in which divine approval is all that matters to us.

For Truman, it was one decision he made…and that at the end of the movie. For us, it’s a decision we must make every day…until it’s habitual with us. In this way, we become true men and women.

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