A Common Sense Refutation of Transgenderism

Increasingly, the term “transgender” has been showing up in the culture – both in news and entertainment.  It’s never easy reading, and all the more so because it usually comes framed in a narrative that calls us to “support” the transgendered person and stop “harming” them by insisting on the “outdated’ notion that human beings are either male or female.

If, instead of reading such foolishness, you would like to hear some common sense on the subject, I invite you to read the article by Carlos D. Flores at the link.  It’s not easy reading, but it’s a lot more encouraging than the sexual insanity that our cultural elites are imposing on us in the name of “progressive ideals.”

(9 min read; 2,262 words)

The Absurdity of Transgenderism: A Stern but Necessary Critique | Public Discourse.

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