Indiana and Arkansas Weren’t Setbacks for Christianity…They Were Something Worse

It wasn’t so much that Christians lost in Indiana and Arkansas this week.  Rather, it was that we were shown just how defeated we already are in the political realm.

We have sought to keep our country on a moral course by insisting that a radical departure from a view of marriage that has guided civilization for as long as anyone can remember would be foolish if not insane.  Indiana and Arkansas demonstrate that we have thoroughly lost that argument with the majority of our fellow citizens.  Though leaders in America have arrogantly and defiantly placed the country on a path toward judgment and destruction and we should no longer hold out hope that the ballot box will turn this tide.

I am not saying we should retreat from politics.  On the contrary, we have to stay involved lest the destruction come even sooner and even more severely.  We just have to do more than that.  Much more than that.

We have to pray more.  We have to repent more.  We have to live more devotedly for Christ.

We must wake up to just how corrupt our culture has become…so that we avoid being swept up in its powerful currents.  We must walk a different way.  Only a firm-as-a-rock conviction can enable us to do that.

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