The Democrats’ War on Children

The Democratic Party has spawned the idea that the Republican Party is conducting a “war on women.”  Their friends in the media – which is to say, the media – have picked up this theme and used it wherever they could get away with it.  But I am not writing this post to defend the Republicans.  Rather, I am writing it to call out the Democrats for their hypocrisy, for they themselves are waging a war on children.

The most obvious front in the Democrats’ war on children is their push for abortion on demand – and, in many cases, abortion that is free of cost to the mother.  What could be more hostile to children than abortion?  And when are children more weak and vulnerable than when in the womb?  The Democrats use weasel words to describe their position (see the linked article by the ever-incisive Joe Carter), but the net effect is that they want abortion at any time for any reason or even for no reason.  They want to give mothers the absolute right and the social approbation to take the lives of their children at will.

Abortion, however, is only the most obvious way that Democrats wage their war on children.  Another, more subtle, form of hostility is the corruption of marriage law in this country to allow it to benefit couples that would never under any circumstances be able to conceive children.  The whole reason we favor marriage in the law is because it is the means by which children come into the world.  The laws that favor marriage were not written to protect marriages; rather, they were written to protect any children that might result from a marriage.  These faux marriages that are now legal in 30 states will increase demand for children to adopt which will increase demand for babies created to be fatherless, motherless, or both.  Since it takes a man and a woman to produce a child, then we can know that anytime a homosexual couple adopts a child that the child is being deprived – either before that act or in that act – of either father, or mother, or both.

The Democrats have other policies that are hostile to children as well.  It all amounts to a war on children with very real casualties.  Why are Democrats willing to be hostile to children?  Since the Democratic Party is known for – in fact, is quite proud of – taking up the cause of downtrodden minorities, why wouldn’t they be taking up for children instead of depriving them of rights?  The answer is quite simple: children can’t vote.  Therefore, Democrats can’t exchange benefits for votes in their usual fashion.

The Democratic party has adopted mendacity as a campaign strategy.  They’ve been lying so long, they actually think it’s okay.  It’s not.  And it’s time to call attention to their war on children…and the weasel words they use to cover it up.

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It’s time for Christians to tell the truth about abortion politics by Joe Carter for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Church

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