How Strange That Any Proponent of Limited Government Should Support SS”M”

It is perplexing how anyone who professes belief in limited government could favor same-sex “marriage.”  SS”M” extends government’s reach into the personal lives of citizens much farther than it has ever gone before.  For historically, government has only sought to regulate those relationships which had the capacity to produce children.  That made sense because society has a legitimate interest in making sure that children have proper care – not just for the protection of the children, but also because it would burden society to the degree that the children were not properly cared for.  But legalization of SS”M” means government will now extend its reach to regulate relationships which have no ability to produce children.

What’s next – a requirement that BFF’s to sign up with a national registry and get a certificate of approval from the government?

Conservatives and libertarians need to re-think any support they have given for so-called same-sex marriage.  Such support is at odds with their core principles.

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“Conservative” Judicial Activism for Gay Marriage: With Amici Like These, Who Needs Enemies? | Public Discourse. (Micah Watson, associate professor of political science at Union University)

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