Would the Clamor for SS”M” Be As Great If Divorce Weren’t So Easy?

(SS”M” stands for same-sex “marriage”)

It used to be that a spouse who wanted out of a marriage had to prove before a court that a divorce was justified.  Most often, this meant proving that the other spouse was guilty of adultery, abuse, or abandonment.  Then came “no-fault divorce” – so-called because of its supposed similarity with no-fault auto insurance.  In practice, what no-fault divorce turned out to mean was divorce-on-demand.  That is, one spouse could say, for example, that there were irreconcilable differences and that the marriage was irretrievably broken.  Any attempt to hold the marriage together by legal means on the part of the other spouse was essentially futile.

All fifty states acknowledge no-fault divorce.  This means that society no longer presumes marriages to be permanent and will not exert any energy trying to make them so.  As a result, any marriage can be ended as soon as one of the parties wants to end it.  No-fault divorce would therefore be better labeled as “unilateral divorce” – because once you’re done with it, you just walk away.  And as long as you follow the government’s process, you get the government’s approval – which is, in effect,  society’s approval.

I wonder how many homosexuals would want to get married if it was still difficult to get a divorce – that is, if marriage were still a “until death do you part” proposition.  Something tells me that when the rest of us went soft on divorce, we paved the way for the insanity about marriage “equality” that’s prevailing now.

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