Matt Walsh Speaks Truth To and About Bruce Jenner

I sometimes wince at the way Matt Walsh expresses himself.  I would not always make arguments exactly the way he makes them.  And he tends to write very long posts – but maybe that’s necessary to persuade some readers.  In spite of these things, I have found him to be a reliable source of common sense on issues in the news.  I think he has a pretty big following, but I wish even more people paid attention to him.

I feel bad for Bruce Jenner.  He is getting so much bad advice.  I hope he’ll hear about Matt and listen to him.  Just because a person perceives himself a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean that perception is accurate.  Just think of the entertainer Karen Carpenter who, essentially, starved herself to death in 1983 because she perceived herself to be an overweight person.

It’s sad that Bruce Jenner has such a distorted view of himself; it’s far sadder that so many people are reinforcing that distorted perception.  May God bless Matt Walsh who is willing to break rank with the growing insanity.

Source: Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man. |

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