The Hypocrisy of Modern Culture

Modern culture has decided that failure to bake a cake for a homosexual “wedding” should be criminalized while it looks the other way when it comes to actual crime.

We should not be surprised.  In the 1990’s the president of the United States got away with behavior that would have immediately ended the career of any public company CEO.  In fact, that president is currently celebrated as the country’s most popular politician.  How can a lecherous married man who propositions an intern 30 years his junior during work hours in the office be a popular politician?  Meanwhile, decent people are hounded out of business and saddled with heavy fines.

Modern culture extols tolerance…but does not practice it.  Instead, hypocrisy is its forte.

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Source: The New Tolerance: Christian Bakers Must Be Punished, Sex Predators Not So Much | The Weekly Standard

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