Common Sense on Marriage from Tyler Blanski 

You do not have to be Christian, or even religious, to recognize that changing the definition of marriage is unjustifiable.  In this essay, Tyler Blanski cuts through the rhetorical fog and lays out bracing case for preserving marriage as it has been known for millennia.  He uncovers that much of the thinking behind the push for same-sex “marriage” comes not from homosexuals, but from heterosexuals.  Homosexuals don’t comprise enough of the population to foist this insanity upon us – we are doing it to ourselves!  It is our narcissism that has paved the way for the foolishness we are on the verge of legalizing in all 50 states.


The traditional definition of marriage is not rooted in religion and homophobia, but in biology and human nature.

(10 min read; 2,338 words)

Source: The Protohomosexual – Crisis Magazine

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