Some Background on the Irish Vote for SS”M”

This article was written by a UK conservative.


In Ireland all of the major political parties backed Same Sex Marriage, the press ran three times as many articles in favour of Same Sex Marriage as those against and the Yes campaign were allowed to spend almost ten times as much as the No campaign, with the majority of money coming in from overseas.

Fearghas Obeara, a one-time policy adviser to the President of the European Parliament pointed out what defenders of traditional marriage were up against: “all the political parties, about 160 out of 166 members of parliament, all the media, all the major US multinationals, 90% of the funding was on the Yes side, it is extraordinary, and something approaching a miracle, that 40% of the voters had the courage to vote No.”

The same forces that pushed for this outcome in Ireland are pushing for similar outcomes in the United States and around the world.  Rather than going by the term “anti-Christ” they call themselves “progressive,” “liberal,” or “socialist” – because they find it easier to achieve their goals if they cloak their true intent.

The author of the article closes with this quote from Friedrich Hayek in his book The Road to Serfdom:

Socialism destroys language – and thought: Ultimately, even the language is perverted. All the most treasured virtues, such as “freedom,” “justice,” “law,” “right,” “equality,” etc., are redefined for collectivist purposes, so that even thought can be controlled.”

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Source: Ireland’s Road to Serfdom – Breitbart

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