Do Not Waste Your Time Seeking Religious Liberty in America Today

Why should you expect to find religious liberty in America today?  Yes, I know it was founded on the basis of religious liberty, but that nation has ceased to be.  Today’s America is interested in sexual liberty, and, consequently, religious liberty is of no interest to them.

Well, that last statement is not really precise enough.  Supporters of sexual liberty actually do have a negative interest in religious liberty.  That is, they have to oppose it.  Why?  Because religion is a source of constraint on sexual liberty.   Religion – specifically, the Christian religion – says that marital intimacies are for marriage and no other relationship.

Americans can’t very well support religious liberty without endangering their sexual liberty.  Therefore, Christians who have given up on the SS”M” fight and now want to plead for religious liberty are deceiving themselves.  There is nothing but coercion awaiting those who do not want to legitimize homosexuality.  If you are expecting mercy from supporters of SS”M” you are looking to the wrong place.  Neither religious liberty nor mercy are on their “to do” list.


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