How Do Heterosexual SS”M” Supporters Reach Their Conclusion?

This is a follow-up post to Why Do the Majority of SS”M” Supporters Care?

Q:  What is the thinking process for heterosexual supporters of SS”M”?  Are they conscious that their commitment to sexual liberty is what’s driving them to side with homosexual demands?

A:  I think for most it goes like this: 1) God (or evolution) made homosexuals this way, 2) they’re just wanting to do the same thing we do (which is have fun), 3) how is it fair to discriminate against them?

Things not thought about: God’s instructions (the Bible), God’s design (human anatomy), marriage being defined as heterosexual for all prior human history. In other words, they ignore practically the totality of history, science, and religion. It’s as if all they know is what they heard last week on the news.

Thus, very little actual thinking is going into their decision. Mainly, it’s emotion – and it’s the emotion of fear: “If I don’t support this, all the people whose good opinion I want will think badly of me.”  From that inner emotional demand, it’s a pretty short step for the mind to come up with “It’s wrong to discriminate” since that’s what it’s hearing from supposed victims.


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