Why Do the Majority of SS”M” Supporters Care?

As I understand it, homosexuals make up about 2% of the population.  If the majority of the population now supports SS”M,”  that means that the majority of SS”M” supporters are not homosexual.  Why on earth do the heterosexuals care?

They care because they have much more in common with homosexuals than they do their fellow heterosexuals.  And what is that?  A belief in sexual liberty.  Specifically, this means that they do not believe that sex is confined to marriage.  That is, they believe as long as you have mutually-consenting adults, then no one has a right to pass judgment on the activity.  Since in their minds, sex is a God-given, or evolution-giving, drive, it must be fulfilled and cannot be denied without harm to the person.  Sometimes, they don’t require the persons involved to be adults.  That is, they may think it appropriate that 18-year-olds “explore” their sexuality.  If believers in sexual liberty confine their belief to no more than two participants at a time, they have no principled reason for doing so.

If you are a heterosexual who believes in sexual liberty (i.e. that the only rules for sex are mutual adult consent), then you have no logical argument against homosexuals who want to justify their behavior.  They are your natural ally.

Therefore, the debate about homosexuality is not being carried by homosexuals – there are too few of them.  It is being carried by people who are committed to sexual liberty.


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